The Kempner Corporation prides itself on a hands on approach to day to day management of its properties. Peter and Jim Kempner personally oversee all aspects of property management and its management team which starts with regular site inspections.

By frequently visiting each property, we are able to assure that the roofs, parking lots and building systems are well maintained also allowing for accurate operating and capital budgeting. The Kempner Corporation management team has established long term and strong relationships with its tenants and provides responsive service to their needs resulting in prompt rent collections and successful lease renewals.

Kempner fully subscribes to the theory that every dollar saved is a dollar earned, and is continually looking for ways to keep operating expenses down through competitive bidding of all service contracts, extensive construction management and preventative maintenance programs. Its state of the art management software system generates comprehensive monthly cash flow statements for each of its properties maximizing the management team’s ability to manage the properties in the highest degree.